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We are registered with various insurance companies in South Africa.

We pride ourselves on sorting out your damage as fast and effective as possible.

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Our Whole Process

We Have A Look

We come out and inspect the damages and discuss the incident in detail, taking photos and determining cause as well as additional damages that could have occurred due to the event such as resultant damages.

water damage on ceiling
Common Damage

The resultant damage in most of the cases we work with is when the hot water cylinder bursts. The water usually rushes down your ceiling and ends up on the floor. The water as resultant damage causes damage to the ceilings as well as any wooden cupboards below the area where the water came rushing down or where it eventually stopped.

Putting it all Together

We compile a report as well as a quotation for the repair/replacement of damaged items. We add the report to ensure your insurance company has all the details and pictures of the event. It helps a lot with the turnaround time for processing the claim and pay-out is usually a bit faster without having to wait for an assessor to come and report first.

We Help You With Your Claim

We have come across quite a few clients that weren’t sure what they could claim on and didn’t even know exactly what they were covered for. So, I have compiled a few things to look out for and make sure of when you ensure your home or property.

How It Works

With any insurance cover you take out, whether it be life insurance or household or car insurance, it is your responsibility to ensure all the information on the schedule or document is correct. So we always advise our clients to go through their schedule and make sure they know exactly what is going on and should you not understand something, ask. You have to ask questions to be more familiar with the terms and jargon used.

Once you know what exactly your cover entails it makes claims soo much easier because you know exactly what cover and what cover is not included and excluded in your schedule. This will also assist you when wording your claim to the broker. Wording can have a major impact on your claim.