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RMT Construction loves assisting our clients in achieving their dream homes through renovations.

Let Us Walk You Through The Process

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1. Let’s Talk

Firstly, we discuss what and where the changes will be and we advise how we can make that possible or provide better cost-effective alternatives to reach the same “look” or outcome.

2. Planning

We all want that open-plan “looks” nowadays. While we discuss which wall you want to be knocked out or where your new wall should be, we need to look at your building plans.

We see which walls are your load-bearing walls, where your plumbing and electricals run, so we can make sure there is no costly or additional cost while doing your home renovations.

We accompany our clients to various outlets to help them choose finishes such as baths, taps, tiles, etc. We want to assist our clients with every step we go, so we love accompanying our clients to stores.

Our clients also feel at ease. One of the reasons for that is because we advise them as we go around looking at suitable options. This helps them avoid unnecessary purchases or store returns.

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3. Quote

Once all the items are established and finalised we proceed to quote. We provide clients with a comprehensive quote to include all items as discussed with no hidden costs.

We also make sure that our quotation provides you with cost per line item so you can easily make changes to what better suits your budget and leave other work for a later stage.

Tips For Updating Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Get Paint Samples First

Getting paint samples for the walls you are considering painting is highly recommended.

It’s the best way you can view the colours on parts of the wall before choosing the final colour, avoiding colour changes later and wasting money on the wrong paint.

For example, we have seen light grey paint appear blue in rooms so definitely a must before painting.

modern looking light shades hanging from ceiling
Save On Bathroom Renovation Costs

Budget-friendly approaches for updating your bathroom or kitchen would be changing taps and handles of the cupboards.

A coat of paint on the cupboards instead of replacing them is also something that can completely change the look of your room without having to break the budget.

Decorating Walls

Creating a feature wall with wallpaper or wooden planks to add colour or texture also does something entirely fresh and new to a room or area.

For Your Lights

Getting new light fixtures or a new light shade to update the old ones are also a great idea and make a massive difference especially if you invest in a statement piece. Or do a DIY with various bottles or dangling beads, the possibilities are endless.

Save On Your Flooring

Another way of giving your home a new look is to do something completely different with the floor. If you have old carpets, rip them out and either go for a sealed concrete-looking floor or put some floor vinyl, laminated flooring, or tiles over.

By the way, when I say floor vinyl it’s not the old-fashioned vinyl from the 60’s I’m talking about, the variety is endless and so beautiful nowadays. You can also do certain areas of your home at a time. Start in the kitchen and work your way through your home.

Each month doing another section of your home. Just let the tiler know that you plan on doing it section for the section as a good tiler will know what lines to run to tie into the new room without it looking like it was an afterthought.

Please also make sure if you choose to retile the home that you stick to the recommended tile spacing as tiles move too and giving them too little room to move will at the end of the day cause you a lot of heartaches when everything starts cracking and tenting.

Also, be aware should you choose a more rectangular, longer tile, chances are you will find some tiles in the batch that are warped, this is not in all cases but we have experienced it quite a few times.

By warped, I mean that at least two of the opposite corners of the tile are higher than the other corners. This means if you place these tiles along a high traffic area someone will eventually trip or hurt themselves. Your tiler will be able to assist you in hiding the raised areas to ensure they fall in areas with little or no traffic.