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Body Corporate Building Maintenance

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Building Inspection Report


This Is How We Do It

We do a full site inspection of the current state of each unit outside, estimated time when items will need attention/replacement, life expectancy after repairs/replacement as well as the cost involved to repair/replace various items.

About Our Report

We send a full report including pictures and all information mentioned above on an Excel spreadsheet.

Contact us and request an example of the spreadsheet so you can see the breakdown firsthand.

Excel Worksheets and Graphs

Our Obligation

As per The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, No. 8 of 2011 (STSMA) all Trustees are obliged to prepare The Maintenance, Repair & Replacement Plan (MRRP) for common property in writing.

  • Major capital items: valuable items that are expected to require maintenance, repair, and replacement within the next 10 years.
  • Current state: The current state/condition of repair of major capital items.
  • Time: The estimated time when those items or the items’ components will need to be repaired, repaired, or replaced.
  • Estimated cost: The estimated cost of the maintenance, repair, and replacement of the items or their components.
  • Life expectancy: The expected life or longevity of those items/components after maintenance, repairs, or replacement.
  • Other: Additional information the Body Corporate deems relevant.