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Family Owned And Operated

RMT Construction strives to deliver excellent service to all its clients by giving clients the best advice possible regarding the nature of the works and providing them with options that best suit their budget and ideas.

We Are Here For You Throughout The Whole Process

We offer our clients full assistance whether we are building a new home for you or just doing renovations.

Our full assistance includes visiting suppliers with you to assist you in choosing finishes and items that help your vision become a reality.

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We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

Customers have to deal with multiple companies to get a project completed. We offer a wide range of services completing each one with the highest quality you will find.

Hiring us will ensure that you only have to deal with one key person to get your entire project completed, A to Z.

Diverse Client Base

We have many clients from overseas that require maintenance work/new building to be carried out on their properties here in South Africa.

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Our Process


Getting Started

We assist you by first reporting on all items that think require attention.



Photos and videos are presented to you, so our findings can be clearly presented.


We Gain Feedback

After establishing your requirements, whether it will be more cosmetic or structural, we discuss your budget and various options to get the job done to the highest satisfaction while making it affordable.


You Receive Our Quote

We then provide you with our quote and discuss what we recommend for your review.


We Provide Visual Confirmation

We also include images of all the finishes used to ensure that you know what will be used or installed onto your property.


We Get To It

Once we have received the deposit, we get to work and prepare all areas where attention is required.


We Get Everything Ready

All the required materials are ordered and delivered.


We Will Keep You Updated

You will receive daily updates with photos and videos of the progress.


Wrapping It Up

Upon completion, and provided that you are happy with the work, you will receive the final invoice to settle with us.


Can you provide references from your previous work?

Yes, please feel free to ask us anytime. We have completed various work and can provide you with references with similar work completed.

Are you registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)?

Yes, we have been registered since 2018 and have completed three new buildings that have been registered with NHBRC.

Can I buy the materials, and you only provide labour?

Yes of course you can. A list of materials, including quantities, will be provided to you to ensure you can purchase all materials required. We will obtain all the necessary quotes from our various suppliers to ensure you are getting the best prices. Should there be a shortage of materials, usually due to the client wanting additional things done while we are on-site, we will provide you with the materials required in advance to ensure there are no delays on our side.

Will you write out a contract specifying what you will do, the anticipated time frame, line items for materials needed to complete the job, cost, and time needed to complete the contract should a project become more involved than first thought?

Yes, most certainly. Usually, for more involved projects we compile a list of materials, a schedule of finish to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for as well as a supplier list should you wish to pay for materials yourself. We also have a reputation to stick to our initial date of completion.

What is a supplier list?

We use a supplier list to list all the various suppliers we will be getting your materials from should you wish to buy the materials yourself. It simplifies your life as we ensure you get the best prices from our trusted suppliers with everything summarized for ease of payment. The supplier list has all the details such as supplier name, banking details, quote reference, amount due, what materials they will supply as well as contact details. You will also receive the original quote from the supplier, our supplier list is just a breakdown of all the necessary information required to make the payments and know what exactly you are paying for.